• 24 September 2019

Best Cheapest Hotels in New York under $100| New York hotels

When a traveller plans for a trip, he tries to manage his expenses. It can be through inclusive deals or a last-minute booking. Best cheapest hotels in New York under $100 help low budget travellers.
The cheapest hotels enable them to get right out of their spending. They can also explore around to spend a great vacation.

Hotels in New York under $100
There are many New York hotels which provide you with a price guarantee. The hotels under $100 help you to enjoy more by little spending.
Here are some cheap New York hotels revealed below

Wellington Hotel
It locates at 871 Seventh Ave, 55th Street. A business leads Wellington Hotel's location. It is useful for people in the industry who want excellent food services. Wellington cost less than $100. It has 700 rooms, a salon and two eating places.

Pod 39
For booking a room in Pod 39, you need $87. All rooms in this hotel fitted out in a modern style. They give the services of iPod and flat-screen LCD TV. They offer the ease of shared and private toilets.
The New York Hotel
In this hotel per night stay costs $32. The New York hotel has shopping malls near to Macy's. Bryant Park locates around this hotel. You can have significant routine change through shopping or a walk. Along with other services, they have meeting rooms and bags storage.

Hotel 31
It has eight floors, and the cost ranges from $80. It locates at 120E 31st Street. Hotel 31 is New York cheapest hotel that gives free Wi-Fi, telephone and cable service. The rooms are well decorated and air-conditioned.
It offers charms to visitors through nearby Time Square and Square garden.

Carlton Arms Hotel
The hotel costs less than $90. It has 54 spare rooms which are draped by artists. Every room has elite artwork, unlike others. Twenty rooms have private bathrooms, and others have shared ones. Further, they give telephone and TV service and free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Marrakech
It is a cheap hotel whose range starts from $89. The rooms have brick walls and a unique painted wall. These rooms have private bathrooms as well. Right quality bath goods are there in restrooms.
Hotel Marrakech has a diner called Sookk Thai Asian Restaurant.
It has a variety of Thai items on its menu. The food is tasty and at a reasonable cost.

Hotel Pennsylvania
The hotel cost starts at $85. It situates at 33rd street, 401 7th Avenue. It has fully furnished rooms. Hotel Pennsylvania gives a free pass to their customers. The pass is for swimming, spa, exercise and many more activities.

Our Verdict
While travelling to New York, the choice of a good hotel is essential. A hotel must provide a suitable room with various services, with food.
The best cheapest New York hotels under $100 help you to manage your budget. It will help you to use your money by visiting other attractive places. New York attracts its visitors for museums, art gallery, Opera etc.

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