• 23 October 2019

amusement parks in USA

amusement parks in USA

The amusement parks in the USA


A large area which provides you different rides, shows and other kinds of fun is known as “amusement park”. It is also called a fun fair, carnival fair, Tivoli, etc. There is a total of 754 amusement parks in the USA and here are our top picks to visit these parks.


List of Amusement parks in the USA


If it is summer then parks are the best place to enjoy your free time. Here is a list of best amusement parks in the USA.


Universal studios

This park is fun for everyone. You can easily go there by car or by a free shuttle from the subway. The park has a real working film studio and superb rides. During the visit to the legendary Studio Tour, you will learn where Hollywood movies are made. This park is the leading mixture of theme parks and amusement parks. You can book your ride online.


Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort is one of the most attractive fun parks for kids. This park gives you entertainment and fun with your much-loved characters. It also offers you a chance to enjoy “a magic morning”. You can book your ticket online and it will be confirmed within 48 hours.


The Holy Land

The Holy Land involves activities related to the bible. If you love history then this is the best place for you to visit. Parking is free with your full-day ticket. The script of the act is based on the Bible. This amusement park is considered to be the best park as it has something to offer every person. The price will be $49.99 and your booking will be completed within 3-8 hours roughly.


Houston City Pass

Your city pass gives you a chance to visit five places like the Downtown aquarium, the space center Huston and the Huston museum of natural sciences. There is an opportunity for free entry for two charms of your choice.  The fine arts museum contains 60,000 artworks. The downtown aquarium offers you a show of aquarium adventure.


Six Flags Magic Mountain

This park offers you many types of rides. There is a pulse-pounding roller coaster for adventure lovers and gentle rides for young ones. Famous cartoon characters perform shows on stage. There are plenty of eateries existing to provide you some snacks or meals. The best thing about this amusement park is that you can save your money by advance booking. Almost 40 rides are offered for you. If you love Looney tunes then this is the best place to watch his shows.


Busch Gardens Tampa

This park contains an area of 335 acres themed as animal Park. This park has the largest zoos with 12,000 animals. It also runs different rides, live shows, games and eating places. You feel linked to the Land and its living being. If you are booking your ticket online then it will be set within 8-hours.


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Sea world

This park is known to be one of the best amusement parks in the USA. There are more than 30 family-friendly attractive points, adventure rides, shows, and fairs. You can have direct contact with marine animals.

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