• 12 April 2017

Want a cheap overwater resort in this summer vacation?

 Thinking of going to an over water Bungalow for summer vacations is like swabbing half of your bank account. But if you really want to save more cash than turn  for Reethi Beach Resort – MaldivesJune and July are the cheapest months in Maldives resort that offers low room rates like low taxes and service charges.  

The Reethi Beach Resort is a fine contract for water villas. There are 30 water villas total of 15 structure, sharing one wall with the other that really grants you full privacy and gives big in a low price rate.  

The resort contains  114 total rooms plus 5 restaurants and 5 bars, which bids more options than  other resorts. So, this villa deal is really super-eminent that cost from US$268. 

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