• 04 April 2018

Travel to the releam of curious island in Hong Kong for a mesmerizing, Greenest journey

Launtau Island of Hong Kong is the closest encounter of nature with eye-catching waterfalls, mountainous terrains along the sandy stretches of coastline, animals, including cattels, wild cows, water buffaloes that adds to the beauty of nature.

The passageway to this island is mostly brimmed with traffic but once you enter the island, you are welcomed by the 112-foot-tall Tian Tan Buddha, which is called as the Big Buddha, and the festive Hong Kong Disneyland.

A tourist can enjoy skating, shopping, hiking, dipping in the magical waterfalls and can even live in a tent, moreover, one can sight the bewitching swimming of the pink dolphins in the sea.

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The weather on the island shifts with no time, so check the weather before visiting, though one can enjoy in whatever the weather is, for the place looks more greeny in rain and more like diamond in hot sun.

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