• 27 November 2019

Top destinations of honeymoon

Top Destinations for Honeymoon

 best destinations of honeymoon


The “just married” couple looks for a holiday after their marriage. It is to celebrate the start of life with the new partner. The honeymoon allows couples to relax after hectic functions. They get the chance to know each other by spending time together. Let's read our article on the top destinations for a honeymoon.





The Maldives is the place of islands.

Its lovely weather calls newlyweds for a romantic honeymoon. Colourful reefs feature the beaches. The water villas open to the sight of clear blue water.

A couple must visit from May to November. The best places are Banana Reef, HP Reef and Alimatha Island.

Your spouse can amuse by art painting shopping.



North Island- Seychelles


North Island is a romantic escape. It is called "The Island of Love.'' So the celebs go there after their wedding. Lush greenery and coconut palms feature the island. It has exotic beaches.

The romantic places to visit are Baie Lazare, Victoria and Cousin Island. 





Paris is known as ''City of Lights." It is the best honeymoon place. You can walk around the Eiffel tower. Sip wine at the cafe with your partner. You can cart around the city.

In Paris, new couples mostly go to tie a ribbon (lock). It ensues at Pont des Art Bridge. It shows the promise of love for each other.





Malaysia is rich in culture and history.

It appeals to couples by pristine beaches and islands. This place is with all modern services.

Malaysia has flora and fauna collection, as well.

The newlywed couple enjoys a cable car ride. This ride is at Gunung Mat Cincang.

There are water sports and jungle trekking for sports lovers. 



Bora Bora


Bora Bora is the right honeymoon spot in French Pennsylvania.

The paradise island surrounds by clear water. It is 6 miles long and 2 miles wide. With your partner, you can explore the island on a bike. In lavish resorts, you can have lowlight dinner.

You can relax in the sunny sky and warm water. It is to explore nature with your soul mate.





Dubai is the Jewel of Emirates.

Dubai sticks to its culture with pride. It has towers that offer a cozy stay.

The honeymoon couple can have Arabian cuisine and tea. A couple can enjoy dune bashing at the Desert Safari.

Your spouse can amuse by shopping at Dubai Mall. Dubai also offers skiing, sky diving, etc.



Marrakesh, Morocco


Marakesh is the North African city of Morocco. This city is full of artists' artwork. The fashion creators go there for inspiration. Its setup makes a couple feel in a Movie set. It is the right place for a honeymoon.

The couple gets amuse by snake charmers and belly dancers. There is a place Galarie "Love." It offers posters with the word "Love" on them.


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Our Verdict


Going on a honeymoon is linked with a beautiful and happy begin. It's just like fuel to keep the wedding vehicle going. The new couple must keep the budget in mind. And spend on the most awaited trip on any of the best destinations of honeymoon.

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