• 13 August 2020

Top Tourist Attractions in Edmonton, Alberta

Top Tourist Attractions in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, runs down both sides of the North Saskatchewan River, pretty much in the middle of the province. For this financial capital, excellent theaters and museums have spent in art and rituals. The City Supreme Centre, though, is the West Edmonton Center, one of the biggest entertainment and retail malls in the country.


Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum is an ecosystem that blends displays with undeviating conceptual and ecological narrative with ever-changing temporary installations. The most exciting are fossils from the dinosaur and ice age periods, inhabitant fish aquariums, and subsisting insects-with some compelling and large animals.


West Edmonton Mall

The biggest shopping center in Canada and one of the largest in the world, the West Edmonton Mall is a huge destination for visitors. Accumulating hundreds of stores and restaurants, the facility includes a casino, film theaters, an expansive amusement park, an ice rink, and much more. A variety of shops in Europa Boulevard have European-fashion fronts and carry the names of world-class designers.

A recreation of New Orleans Avenue is a destination for Creole goods and live music. The Galaxy Mall Land is one of the world's leading indoor entertainment parks. There are all sorts of rides, like a triple-loop roller coaster.

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