• 16 January 2021

Top Tourist Attractions In Turkey

Those who travel to Turkey are mostly captivated by its rich heritage and vibrant culture, popular Turkish food and of course the ice-cream trick man, and fascinating tradition, whilst the majestic landscapes-from the sun-drenched Mediterranean to either the majestic peaks and upland steppes-are major attractions.

There are amazing sights everywhere throughout this country. Give a  Read to our list of best tourist spots in Turkey for some more insights about what to see and do.

  1. Aya Sofya

Aya Sofya

The captivating Byzantine beauty of the magnificent Aya Sofya Museums (Hagia Sophia), regarded as among the most majestic buildings in the world, has been one of the main activities to do in Istanbul.

The precious minarets built after the Ottoman invasion surround the tremendous majority of its exterior, whereas the luxurious and cavernous chandeliered interior is a timely sign of its strength and influence on ancient Constantinople. For any visitor visiting the world, this renowned landmark is a must-do.

  1. Ephesus


Ephesus, the Greco-Roman culture here really comes to life. That restored and reconstructed foundations of the site have rendered Ephesus the much more perfect classic metropolitan city despite over a century and a half of exploration, A sightseeing trip can take approximately half a day to visit the major areas.



The bright white durable marble terraces of Pamukkale cascade down a steep hill, appearing like that of an in frozen lake among the green scenery, another of Turkey's iconic wonders of the world. The extensive ruins of Roman Hierapolis, another historic tourist attraction, laying on top of this calcite hill.

4.Topkapi Palace 


The Topkapi Palace, the scrumptious above description, brings one into the realm world of the sultans. The furnishings are just an incredible glimpse into another power structure of the Ottoman empire, in the extravagantly exhilarating floor tiles and luxurious tasseled decor. The nearby public grounds are the Royal Court's exclusive domain, but now are accessible to the public and offer a peaceful, lush relief from the city's streets.

5.Mediterranean Cruising


The Mediterranean shore of Turkey has several activities to be doing, but like many tourists, it's really all about sunbathing and experiencing the beautiful ocean views. Sailing on a yacht the number 1 experience for tourists to Bodrum and Fethiye. The rocky terrain clad with forests, remote coves with tiny white-sand beaches, and dozens of spaced islands are the best places to explore by boat. 

Happy traveling!

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