• 15 September 2020

Top Scenic Beach Destinations


Beach vacations are great for people to escape from their daily grind and hurry scurry of city life to a place to relax, refuel their bored monotonous routine and enjoy the sunshine, the sandy beach and chillaxing on shore in a peaceful place catching a morning wave or listening to waves and beautiful scenery uh wonderful!


We've summed up many of the most scenic beach destinations in the world for some ideas.



Among the most photographed  beach destinations in the world, the dazzling white sands shine against a background of immense granite boulders since the beach is situated along the island of La Digue are one of the 115 islands that give up this paradisiacal archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The beach, eroded by wind and nature. Offshore reefs fully protect from ocean waves, making emerald green water an excellent location for surfing or swimming. 

Keep a keen eye out over endangered birds and huge tortoises.

anse beach


Cape Town is a top list of beaches of the most stunning cities in the world, not least because of all the spectacular beaches on its outskirts. Camps Bay is one of the most popular yet an urban beach in the Cape Town

camp bay


Bingin Beach comes up with some of the most challenging surfing weather in Bali expected up to 8-foot surges, making it the ideal location among surfers. If you do choose to sit on sandy dry land, the shore is at its finest at low tide, so scenery is perfect for sunbathing.

bingin beach


Polihale is perhaps one of the most stupendously gorgeous beaches in the Hawaiian island. This nearly desolate 11 km  strip on the west side of Kauai, among the most beautiful islands, is just a few kilometers from its closest town and has an aura of magic and mysticism.That beach could only be approached through an improperly paved, rough cane sugar lane, it is recommended to use a vehicle unless you want to hike and walk into the crops.

polihale beach


Tourists searching for a bit of heaven would want to catch a trip to Meeru Island, This island is immersed in nature and beauty, a true slice of paradise, white sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing or snorkelling. The resort is surrounded by the sea. Rich in marine, everything here is calming to the eyes and mind.

meeru island


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