• 17 July 2019

The top low-cost airline in the world

Some airlines are known to be cheaper than other airlines. But when you consider the cost per mile and the cost of additions, such as luggage, boarding services, and other facilities, you may want to know which airline is the
cheapest flight already. We have compiled a list of the best airlines in the world for the best value for money,
including the cheapest international airlines and the cheapest airlines in the country, ensuring you get the best
deals on your trip price.

Asia's Cheapest Airline -Air Asia

Destination: 74

Center: International Airport of Kuala Lumpur

About: AirAsia has been selected by Skytrax as the world's best low-cost carrier for the 10th consecutive year,
including the latest awards in 2018. For this reason, this company has the advantage of our list of the cheapest
airlines in Asia. There is no doubt that the fare is as low as 0.07$ per kilometer. The airline sells cheap flights in
and around Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. AirAsia X also offers low-cost long and long
Atlantic routes, including Honolulu, London and many other destinations throughout the Middle East and

Europe’s Cheapest Airlin –EasyJet

Destination: 136

Center: London Luton Airport

About: Although people often have doubts about the cost and amounts of EasyJet, it may come as a
surprise to some that EasyJet was chosen as the best UK airline for short-distance flights. The prize was
obtained from an estimate of the expenses of well-known British shipping companies, including the cost
of drinks, food, luggage and choice of location. Ryanair, another European company offering similar
services, has already taken the smallest position in this study.

Middle East’s Cheapest Airline -Air Arabia

Destination: 130

Center: Sharjah International Airport

About: Air Arabia is an airline operating primarily in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in
Europe and Asia. This low-cost company has won many awards for value for money and low-cost flights,
including the World Travel Award for Middle Eastern Budget Airlines, making it an excellent and cheap
option for flights to the East Midlands around the world. It also has many regional offices, including Air
Arabia Moroccan and Air Arabia Egypt.

Australia’s Cheapest Airline -Tigerair Australia

Destination: 13

Center: Melbourne

About: Tigerair Australia is known as an inexpensive Australian airline offering very competitive domestic
flights in Australia. In 2018, Tigerair Australia was declared the world's cheapest airline by Rome2Rio at an
average cost of $ 0.06/km. Tigerair is actually a low-priced sister in Virgin Australia, which specializes in
providing cheap flights to Australian countries. A number of fees have been added to the Tigerair website, such
as administration and payment fees; therefore, be sure to book your airline tickets with Alternative Airlines,
because we will show you all the fees in advance, so you won't be pleasantly surprised when to get paid.

America’s Cheapest Airline -Interjet

Destination: 53 

Center: Mexico City International Airport

About: Interjet Airlines is the largest Mexican airline that operates flights from Canada to the north, including
Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and South America. This airline offers not only basic fares for flights to Mexico but
also a basic fare light final price including a registered bag weighing 55 kilos and free snacks and drinks on

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