• 23 February 2020

The Best Places to Visit in Europe

The Best Places to Visit in Europe – Spend Your Time in the Heart of Europe This Year


Europe has always been a tempting spot for tourists due to the mix of views, culture, and history. All you have to do is to decide whether to choose vineyard-ringed towns or bear-stalked forests, first. Our article presents buzzing cities, coastlines, and unheralded regions in search of the best places to visit in Europe 2020. Hence, plan your holiday today to undergo the fantastic spots on the continent.


The Best Places to Visit in Europe


The Best Places to Visit in Europe


The list below brings you several places with millions of themes, which lets you make a choice quickly. 


Paris, France


This place with romantic beauty is worth to visit at any time of the year. Its alleys, streets, and artistic workshops make Paris the top pick of your travel bucket. Further, it combines Berlin and Rome's treasures in one. On the other hand, enjoy an ice cream on Ille Saint-Loius or lost in the Luxembourg Gardens and much more.


London, England


London has many free great attractions, which makes it suitable for low budget tourists. For history hunters, there is the British Museum, whereas Tate Modern for art lovers. Similarly, you can also spend a day at Hampstead Heath if you are looking for open spaces. Further, several street-food markets are very tempting.


Madrid, Spain


Madrid managed to keep improving its style with the rising demands of the visitors. Most importantly, is the nightlife, Calle de Ponzano, is the coolest nighttime street with cocktail joints. With special displays from unique work to art shows, visitors can spend a day at the historic Museo del Prado.


Lake Ohrid, Macedonia


Consider this deep and vast lake, as the jewel of Macedonia. The tourist can relax here with waterside camping spots at cheap rent private rooms. Its namesake town's streets reveal a fortress, a Roman amphitheater, and frescoed medieval churches. Moreover, the clear water invites you to dive or swim as you explore the old town.


Vienna, Austria


Along with Paris, Vienna is also among the capitals of love in Europe. When you visit this place, you will surely like to visit chic restaurants and trendy bars and Hundertwasser Museum. It is due to Vienna is a fusion of fun and class. Further, enjoy a guided tour of the Schönbrunn Palace, where you can learn the "Strudel'' recipe.  


Cork, Ireland


Cork is very sporty, vivid, jazzy, and traditional at the same time. It is one of the best places to visit in Europe due to its diversity in history, marks, bays, river valleys, hill and so on. Hence, if you are looking for a fancy holiday for hiking, kayaking, or just tasty food, Cork is for you. 


Namur, Belgium


Namur is a beautiful city with the romanticism of Bruges and the Belgian surrealism of Brussels. Due to its warm air, families love to stay here to enjoy eateries and explore history. Almost every day, new shops, trendy bars, and eateries open here. Other charms include a romantic cruise on the Meuse and Citadel to climb.




Europe has many vibrant places with a range of museums, arts, nightlife, and eateries. Thus, our highlight on the best places to visit in Europe let it no hard to plan your next visit. Use this list to make your next holiday place memorable. Further, check our selection of the most beautiful sites to visit in Thailand!

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