• 14 April 2020

Stunning Places In USA You Absolutely Have To Visit After The Coronavirus Ends

Stunning Places In USA You Absolutely Have To Visit After The Coronavirus Ends


The coronavirus crisis has badly affected each one of our lives.but we all know this too shall pass and as soon as this ends we will venture out to some stunning and impressive places once again.you know they say America is beautiful for some reason,a vast country with unbelievable varied cultures,landscapes,cityscapes why not start exploring the most  fascinating natural wonders and man made marvels,the beautiful beaches,tropical islands,the towns and the breathtaking places you have to see to believe.


So let's broaden our horizons and explore some miraculous places to visit as soon as the coronavirus ends.


Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon located in Arizona,is an immensely beautiful landscape with the giant red rock formation and has a very wide area.about 5.5 million people from all around the world visit each year. The rocks record billion of year history is one the world’s natural wonders. There are various sites but the southern rim is the closest to river Colorado which gives mesmerizing water views as well as the iconic canyon views.



One of the most popular places for skiing in the world is located in the rocky mountains of Colorado in aspen. It has the best skiing resorts with dramatic views. Aspen is also known as the elite skiing town,  since it has historically attracted upscaled people.


Haleakalā National Park

One of the most famous national parks on the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii. AThe gigantic haleakala is one of the famous features of this park. Approximately 1.45 million people visit haleakala national park each year.the dramatic sun rise ,the volcano and the skywatching is fascinating.


Big Sur

Big Sur is one of the most beautiful cliffs in the world located in the central coast of california. It is known for the eye catching beauty,  the wilderness and the windy turns , the vibrant green hills and the sandy beaches.

big sur

The Palouse

A wide geographical area in the southwestern  part of the washington.  The pleasing thick green land is worth spending time for. It is one of the famous destinations for photography.

the palouse

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