• 19 June 2017

Shanti Maurice: A Nira Resort offering a sleep retreat package

Busy life struggling for money resulting in stressful and anxious lifestyle but places like Shanti Maurice is granting relief and peace of mind to its customers. The sleep retreat package actually reduces stress levels and sleep disorders. 


Opening this October, the Shanti Sleep Package will follow a five or seven-night bespoke schedule including Ayurveda, Reiki, guided meditation, yoga practices and nutrition. 

Guests are analyzed properly where health and sleep patterns are deeply discussed and examined. 


Yoga Nidra practices, also known as yogic sleep, develops a mindful state between waking and sleeping, in which the body is perfectly  relieved. And  Pranyama, helps to control the breath, also known as vital energy of the body. 

All these methods really helps people to free oneself from depressed torn up life. 



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