• 27 October 2019

Parks in New York City | 3 Top Picks | Read Our Updated Review

Parks in New York City | 3 Top Picks 



Parks in New York City are playing an incredible role. We as a whole realize that parks make us more beneficial and more joyful. It gives us sure vibes, yet how does Central Park add to the prosperity of New York City's kin, plants, and untamed life??

There are nurseries and green parks in New York City. In New York City, you will locate a vastly improved spot for yourself. More, you can scan for the ideal outing ground, space to run and play. Likewise, observe a lush ground away from the focused on the city.


List of Parks in New York City


So, here is a list of parks in New York City which qualified to be visited;


Central Park:

Central Park of the city covers the most parks in New York City. This central Park established in 1858, at 863 acres. Near to 42 million visitors go and visit the parks. Also, there is no entry fee to go inside there. Central Park is home to more than 18,000 trees, including one of the country’s largest and last remaining stands of American elms trees. Plus, it helps New Yorkers breathe a little easier. 


Moreover, parks in New York City are free of cost to enter. Even so, Central Park charges for some enjoyments. Also, Central Park is full of attractions, from green meadows to sprawling waters. Also, it offers gardens and unique bridges, music and exhibition centers, educational facilities, classical structure. Too, its scenic beauty boasts natural green landscapes and vistas as far as the eye can see.


Washington Square Park:

Park in New York City like central park, there’s another Washington Square Park is right in the heart of West Village. Similarly, only a few steps away there is a shopping Mall of SoHo. The square also lined with the NYU campus buildings, so it’s filled with plenty of colleges and school kids. Moreover, II’s filled with 24-hour dining, shopping, nightlife, sports, and arts. Likewise, the park also has some chess player who occupies the southwest tables in its southwest.


Fort Tryon Park:

Parks in New York City are a lot in numbers. In addition, this Park sits on one of the highest Peaks in New York City. The tourists are seasonal, but mostly the park filled with the people during the Medieval Festival in September.


First, Fort Tryon Park sits on a long bluff three hundred feet above the Hudson River. Second, across the river, are the cliffs of the Palisades Park. Third, the Metropolitan Museum of Art focuses on medieval art. Such as, it is made up of ancient buildings that transported from Europe and reconstructed on the site. Moreover, Fort Tryon Park has more than 250 species of plants there.


Parks in New York City -Perks:

Apart from this, getting pleasure, individuals can refresh their minds. Indeed, parks in New York City have more to offer to the city and people.

  1. Trees Provide Cleaner Air
  2. Trees Keep Cities Cooler
  3. Healthy Parks Make Healthy People
  4. Parks Build Communities
  5. Parks Provide Urban Habitat for Wildlife


Without a doubt, if you got a chance to visit New York, you must visit Parks in New York City.  Also, read a review of amusement parks in the USA, if you would love to take rides in parks.

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