• 21 March 2014

Mile High Cab will soon become the Newest Taxi Company in Denver

After a 5 year battle, Mile high cab Inc. is now closer to its goal becoming a popular taxi company in Denver; it aims at serving the people in Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson and Adams Counties. The planning had been under process for the last five years but due to some obstacles the operation was not started; now the company tends to start the operation with around 140 cabs
. Thomas Russell, a professor in University of Denver, said that Mile High is on the track of success; he asked other Denver’s cab companies to reconsider the full commission and resolve the issue. Jim Tarpey, PUC commissioner, said no argument would be entertained regarding the matter whether Mile High is financially fit enough to become the Denver’s newest cab company or not, final decision has been recommended by PUC. After getting this great news, the Mile High’s treasurer, Mekkonen Gizaw said that we would thank PUC commissioner through legal system. The company is now refreshing its business plan to come to the top of list.

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