• 12 May 2016

Hilton London Bankside introduce London's most indigenous design suite

London is introducing most anticipated design suite at Hilton London Bankside.It is dream up in partnership with interior designer Dexter Moren and assiduous architect.The living quarter Suite has a perfect interior design that provides an impeccable finishing touch to the hotel. 

The hotel is innovated to gain imminent closeness with nature as the meadow consist of volley of wild flowers and plants. It  reflects the marvelous history of  history of Bankside and mimicking the urban character of the area. 

The theme of the living room comprise of blue and grey interior that is filled with light due to panoramic windows. 

The kitchen and dining area is just defectless who want to dine in the ease of their suite. 

The bedroom is so luxurious with amazing design  of  The Shard that  has its own well defined  style. 

Hilton London Bankside was opened in October last year that is really a perfect landing place for business, tourism and culture.

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