• 11 October 2019

For cheap flights, book your ticket. Here's how it's done

An independent connection is a smart technique to save on ticket prices. Instead of booking a single ticket, including flights, via an only airline, book each part of your trip on your own, and possibly with several airlines.

The idea is that with precise purchases, you can spend less buying individual tickets. Experienced travellers have known this for some time.


How does self-communication save money?


Here's an example: I evaluated a ticket from Phoenix to Tokyo using Google flights. I can book a round trip for an airline for $ 900-1000.

Or I can book two separate tickets: one from Phoenix to Los Angeles for $ 117 and the other for another airline from Los Angeles to Tokyo for $ 465.

Calling on your own can save you a lot of money, especially on international flights. But it can cost you a lot if something goes wrong.


Self-Joining: What's wrong can happen?

Your trip has been delayed
If you operate an entire airline, that airline will be responsible for getting you to the destination in case of delay. It can slow your trip so you can transfer or book another flight or offer a hotel voucher if you need to stay overnight.

If you book tickets for individual flights and are delayed or cancelled one of them, the following airline does not charge you any fees. You don't need to issue a ticket or pay any costs. You are forbidden to fund a new ticket.


You may need to change your stations

If you accept more than one airline, you may need to change terminals. This means that you will have to leave the safe area for one station and pass the verification back to another.

You should pick up the checked bag
If you are travelling with individual airlines, you will have to leave the safe area to collect your checked baggage, check the next airline, and pass the security check again. It indicates that everything is going well. Imagine if your luggage is delayed or lost.


How to reduce risk

You can not eliminate all risks of self-communication, but you can mitigate them. Here's how.

Spend the night in the connecting city
Let's go back to Tokyo. Suppose you can get a cheap flight from Seattle and want to see this city. Book your flight the day before and add Seattle to your holiday. Of course, you will spend money there, but you will probably spend money if you go straight to your destination. For me, this approach is winning.

Build enough time for communication

You may leave your first flight in the morning, and the second - late afternoon or evening. You will spend some time at the airport, but you can make a reservation anyway.

Book your airline using the same terminal

Check the airport map to make sure your flight between airlines is not long and does not require additional travel for safety reasons.

Make sure that you have TSA PreCheck
Since you don't have to remove your shoes or money and a laptop, you can likely manage it faster if you have to use security again.

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