• 10 May 2014

Downton Abbey Fans would love to entrench themselves in Thornbury Castle’s History and Traditions

Marking the British landscape, Castle is a prominent part of the country’s identity. Though, various castles are form the Tudor era but Thornbury is the only castle which is open for the visitors to come, rest, enjoy and have a wonderful experience ever.
 Thornbury Castle
is a two hour drive from the Heathrow airport. This castle sits on 15 acres of English hillside with amazing views of Wales, Severn Estuary and South Gloucestershire, a refreshing break from the obstruction of the city. The Castle has 27 bedchambers and each of the bedchambers has exclusive comforts including sitting area, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, ample closet space and decanter of sherry. If you want to explore more, just stroll into the bathroom. The stone-tiled floors, deep-set porcelain tub, walk-in open shower with crested glass pane and granite slabs, brass fixtures and many other design features make the space beautiful. Walking on the ground and enjoying the exclusive features is not enough; a four course meal for dinner and traditional breakfast will give you the five start restaurant experience. A Stay at Thornbury Castle is not expensive; do not forget this place where queens and kings once roamed.

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