• 15 December 2020

Can Cruise Lines Require Crew And Passengers To Get Covid-19 Vaccines?

Many cruise lines indicated that it would possibly need passengers to have been vaccinated before they could be permitted to travel with the crew. However, the reports on the status of the covid-19 vaccine state that despite the speedy production and testing of the vaccine, it would still not be available for the general public and around the world till the mid of 2021.

The CEO of the Royal Caribbean in a video message acclaimed that the vaccinations will be the key to get cruise sailing started all over. 

However, according to a blog, Travel Weekly, Norwegian Cruise Line Holding company CEO Frank Del Rio said that the cruise company is planning into whether or not the cruise travelers will be expected to be vaccinated.

During the virtual annual conference held in early October, several cruise line CEOs decided that vaccinations are essential and that this is the only way to get cruising started as part of a multifaceted solution to preventing the virus.

Though some travel companies are not yet taking a stance about how they'd mandate travelers to get the COVID-19  vaccine in order to onboard the ships, as part of a scheme to significantly reduce COVID risk at sea, they are clearly referring to vaccinations.

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