• 21 May 2020

COVID 19 Changes Hospitality: Hotels Adapt Security Measures.


COVID 19 Changes Hospitality: Hotels Adapt Security Measures.

Covid-19 has paused the social life the world has changed, maybe forever.We know that Coronavirus has and will have major economic implications already and that tourism is one of the industries most impacted by this epidemic.

Restoring customer trust following initial closures designed to flatten the COVID-19 event wave. Most hotels around the world have started opening taking all the security measures needed to have safer surroundings and protecting the customers and employees.

Hotels are expected to have less guests, more protection and the safest and cleanest rooms throughout. But beloved things, like the bar in the lobby, could vanish too.

Hygiene Standards:

Guidelines for Covid-19 administration and management in the housekeeping field have been released on the WHO website. The World Health Organization advises restricting the use of garments or other absorbent fabrics, instead choosing disposables.

Introduce contactless temperature checks prior to actually entering the lobby hall and restrict the number of entrance points so every visitor, guest or staff member is inspected in this way before entering the building in the future.

Use of  disinfectants on all surfaces, protective gear for cleaners and operators. It is possible that even some hoteliers are using Ultraviolet rays. Consider increasing hand sanitizer dispensers outdoor and indoor halls, rooms and near increased-touch areas such as elevators. Start by putting wipes inside the bedrooms so that cautious customers can mock up their own high-touch areas.

Each hotel would have to identify its own solution in order to continue to guarantee its services to its visitors and always encourage the right distance.


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