• 13 February 2017

Brexit's London luxurious homes are falling prices

Brexit has a lot more to say to London's luxurious homes. Approximately 9 percent decrease in prices has been recorded, when compared with a zero percent report made in October, 2008.


London has to face many complexes after leaving European Union seat, bearing side effects like, a steep decline in prices and raising of sale taxes.  

Luxury home's vendors is paying price considering  after effects of negotiations.   â€œIt’s difficult to see where upward pressure on pricing will come from until we know the outcome of the negotiations.”said Savills Research Director Lucian Cook.

Dealers of luxury homes were already combating issues to sell their homes as the stamp duty sales tax rose to as much as 15 percent in April of this year for landlords and second-home owners. Let's see what more reaction London has to bear as the result of this referendum.  

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