• 29 January 2020

Best vacation spots in the USA

Best Vacation Spots in the USA

When we talk about going on vacation to the USA, we think about the American West, New York or Florida. There are many places known in the United States and the best vacation spots in the US.

Here is a small selection of little-known places that are worth a visit!


  •       Charleston, South Carolina

Originally, Charleston was called “Charles Town" as the name of King Charles of England. Today, Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina and the second largest.

It makes it a dream destination for history lovers. They will have many historical places to see and visit.

Art lovers will also be delighted to learn that Charleston. As it is one of the top 25 destinations for art in the United States


  •        Per dido Key, Florida

This island found in the far northwestern part of Florida and southeastern Alabama. The island has 61% of radiant beaches, parks and nature reserves. Visitors can enjoy many hiking trails to meet protected wildlife such as the Sea Turtle or a small mouse.


  •        Tybee Island, Georgia

For the Amerindians who populated this island before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1600, Tybee means “Salt.” One of the main appeals of Tybee is the wide 5-km beach secured by dunes covered with grass!

Tybee Island is one of the best vacation spots in the US. The best way to enjoy this calm way of life is to rent a small house on Tybee Island.


  •         Orange Beach

Orange Beach hosts the biggest “Big Wheel” in the southeastern United States, located at the “Wharf.” It’s a place where children and parents can wander. They can attend many concerts and shop near the sea. This coastal town has everything you need, from seafood to art or traditional German parties.

If you love birds, then you should capture a focal point for the migration of thousands of birds. We assure you always have something to do at the orange beach.


  •         Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Carolina Beach is famous in the United States for its sun and sand, with many activities for the whole family. Windsurf is also very popular in this seaside resort.  When your belly starts to wake up, make sure to stop by Britt’s Donuts Shop, an institution for donuts fans


  •         East Coast of the USA

The East Coast would include stages like New York, Washington DC, Boston, cities. They are relatively “close” to each other. Or you may opt for the traditional unique stay in New York.

New York is the best example of the immense side of the USA. It has dizzy buildings, luxury shops and the indescribable Central Park.

- Washington will show you to the power of the United States with its world-famous institutions (the White House). It has famous museums while being a charming city to discover on foot.

In the end, let your heart guide you. It will always be the best guide. We have mentioned some of the best vacation spots in the US, but there are many to visit.

This article will make you think outside the box. Discover best vacation spots in the US. Happy Holidays

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