• 15 October 2019

Best places to travel alone in the US


Best places to travel alone in the US


Best places to travel alone in the US 


It may seem scary to leave alone. That’s why we pulled out a list of Best places to travel alone in the US for your solo trip. It depends on the purpose of your trip, something more social or more cultural.


To travel alone is to offer you absolute freedom. You do not wait near the luggage of your companion at the airport. You do not wait for him/her while he/she goes to the toilet or on the phone. To leave alone is to decide the destination that pleases you the most. You can choose your stops from the list below. It is to go with your feeling.


San Diego Direction


San Diego airport crawls everywhere, the climate, the wait, watch the planes crossing every 5 minutes. You will feel alive every time and excited like a child on a carousel.


Here you can have Airbnb service. You can easily find a place close to the airport. After visiting the city, you should see Seaport Village and Old Town. More, you can pass through the famous and massive bridge that connects the town with the island of Coronado.


Pacific Beach San Diego


You should rent a car here to move throughout. At the start, you may freak out because there are people everywhere. Also, it takes time to know where the motorway exits are. But, I am sure after a few hours! You are going to be like Californians, casual and relaxed.


You should have a camera with you when you visit Pacific Beach. Here you can capture nature and happy people. Visit the beach and have some fun with anybody.


Los Angeles


Travelling alone is great! It is indeed secure and along the coast. You will see pretty corners and a short stop in Laguna Beach. Take a bike on rent or Uber service, but it is advised to keep walking on the roads.


Muscle Beach


There are few restaurants too, but it’s nice to walk around and you can. Like everyone in California, rent a bike. It takes 1 hour of walking to return to Santa Monica from Muscle beach.


At Santa Monica, take the opportunity to see one last time the sky and the great big wheel solar energy. If there are many tourists, you will love walking and making new friends.


Spend your night at the Wyndham Santa Monica Pier Hotel. It is a great location but like all hotels in Santa Monica. It is a luxury hotel that you should offer it to yourself. Sleep like a baby in a huge padded bed with six cushions. From here, you are close to 3rd Street, famous for its shops and restaurants.


There are so many other best places to travel alone in the US. Where you CAN go ALONE and ENJOY yourself. Also, if you are planning for a trip in the US, read our review on top Scenic Train Rides and the Best Travel Agencies.

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