• 08 March 2020

Best Summer Holiday destinations in 2020

Best Summer Holiday destinations in 2020- 


New year calls for new travel destinations, and talking about travel the best time of the year we all know is summer. Planning a holiday destination seems pretty thrilling.It is also exhausting in its own way. While picking a holiday destination there are certain things we need to consider like places to stay and eat,tourist attractions or things to do.

Since choosing a destination for travel is tiresome Here are 5 best picks for summer holidays you would love to visit.


1.Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, known as the land of fairy chimneys, is famous for its rare earthly features.The sites of cappadocia are to fall for. This destination is famous for its wide landscape and of course the panoramic hot air balloon views.

Cappadocia is scenic and full of magic from the cone shaped rocks to the caves and the balloon studded sky,this one of the best holiday destinations for summer.


Travel tips:

Hot air balloon rides, cave explorations and hiking are a must . 2-3 days are enough to explore this place. There are good places to stay such as the cave hotel or the cappadocia hotel.


A few hours away from Dublin is this amazing travel destination, Galway city.A charming place to walk around the shops, the eating places and tempting seafood,the great aquarium,wandering around the riverside,exploring the olden pubs, this city almost gives the romantic vintage vibes and has everything a perfect irish city could have.


Travel tips:

Day trip to aran island, visiting the ancient churches and castles up the north. When in Galway a walking tour and eating pub food is a great idea.


3.Prague,Czech Republic

Prague, known as the heart of Europe, is an amazing city with stunning architecture,the old towers,the churches,the bridges and the old Prague castle.

This city gives the magnificent views of the ancient architecture and cultural vibes.Prague is an ancient yet modern cosmopolitan city,everything in this city is worth visiting.


Travel tip:

A romantic walk on the charles bridge and roaming around the old town square seems a fairytale.Visiting the national museum and library hall is a must.



Marrakech, known as the red city, is a magical place in the middle east minus the noise and crowd.This city encapsulates all the ancient culture,the toms,the famous masjids and the burial ground of the saadian dynasty.

The beautiful bright bazaar ,the magnificent palace and the morrocan art is always eye catching and lets not forget the tempting morrocan sweets and food.


Travel tip:

When in Morocco touring heritage and desert safari is always a charm.food and shopping at the Dajema El Fanna is fun.


5.playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen is a beautiful palm beach town in Mexico and is a mesmerizing place to spend summer trying the famous Mexican Tacos,seafood and spicy mexican food.walking around the beach is always a good idea as the beach meets many public points to visit.


Travel tip:

3D museums are worth visiting.it offers various fun activities such as watersports and swimming.it's a peaceful green place to visit.


Use this list to make your next holiday place memorable. Further, check our selection of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe


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