• 23 December 2019

Best Places to Visit in India

Best Places to Visit in India | Top Destinations in India | Review of Top 5 Destinations


 Best Places to Visit in India


The choice of best places to visit in India seems to be endless. From scenic stops to culturally and historically fell places, from bustling cities with confusion and chaos to stations offering comfy service and leisure. Then, to ease this dilemma, here is a review of top 5 destinations. So, it makes it a "must visit" destination in India for all tourists.


Best Places to Visit in India – Updated Review


Delhi – Incredible past and history




Delhi, the busy capital of India, makes it one of the best places to visit in India. A city filled with ministries, heritage marks, and tasty street foods. So, it hints you of its rich past from the Mughal era to the town.  It has grown today more global and modern with its high-end buying centers, lying streets, luxury hotels, malls, and eateries. Thus, Delhi is a real mix of renewal today and old cultures.


Agra – Unmatched Mughal grandeur




The city of Agra, in the magic of the Mughal charm, claims no intro. Agra, home to the eternal symbol of love, is one of the best places to visit in India. Also, it is one of the most radiant on the World Heritage Map. More, it is the only city in the world with three world heritage sites. So, Agra puts it on the list of famous Indian travel destinations. Too, Agra holds three gems, the radiant Fatehpur Sikri, the Fort Agra Fort, and the noble Taj Mahal. The city attracts thousands of tourists, art lovers and historians from all over the world and India.


Sikkim – Magnificent natural scenes




Sikkim is rated as one of the most attractive places in India! It is a sparkling jewel in the northeast of the Himalayas. With its lovely little villages, snow-capped peaks, vibrant Buddhist monasteries, and lakes, Sikkim is one of the most desirable destinations in India for a relaxing. Northeastern State is also an ideal stop for adventure in India for rafters, hikers, rock climbers, and hill climbers.


Kerala – Backwaters and much further




Edged coconut beaches, Ayurveda massage recharging, pristine backwaters, and bright feasts; yes! You guessed it right. Kerala is one of the most scenic places and one of the best places to visit in India. It is between the western state of Ghats and the Arabian Sea. So, the Kerala state has blessed with eternal natural beauty. Plus, natural beaches and quiet remote areas, Kerala is also home to many wildlife reserves and scenic hill stations.


Mysore – Rich culture




Karnataka's cultural capital is the Mysore, which is in southern India. More, it is a historical city known for its ornate gardens and palaces. Thus, rapidly evolving as an IT hub, the city still retains its ancient cultural charm. It is the city, which streets filled with the scent of aromatic incense and the crowded streets of stalls that trade in fine sandalwood carvings. With buyers waiting to get their share of "Mysore Pak" - every corner of the city seems to be full of life.

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