• 13 April 2016

Bellevue Syrene, perfect destination for celebrating free time.

This nobility villa is housed in the Gulf of Naples, this luxurious hotel is just a walking distance from the Sorrento Cathedral.  
 This elegant hotel consist of rooms and suites with a fusion of modern and traditional, cultured sea-view balconies.The hotel also add up to 48 individually decorated rooms, with perfeclty furnished  balconies. 

The hotel also provide a free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs and also comprise of minibars and living areas. Some lodging also support whirlpool tubs or spa-style in-room pools.l 

The perks of this hotel include, Breakfast, snacks and drinks that are free. There are 2 restaurants with broad terraces, a wine cellar, and a portica near an outdoor pool. Additional luxuries also include a spa area that support massage treatments, and private beach access.

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