• 07 July 2020

5 Caribbean Cruising Tips You Must Know

Caribbean Cruising Tips You Must Know 

Caribbean cruising

These 5 must know Caribbean Cruise Tips would really assist you with your next Caribbean Cruise trip.

One big myth is that Caribbean cruises offer a bunch of options. But when and which island you're going actually counts, and how you spend your time offshore will make a difference to your journey.

Here are a few Caribbean Cruise Tips that might help you save your cash and time.

Choose Your Cruise wisely

A luxurious cruise ship is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous ways of excursion around the region. 

Every cruise line as well as its ships have quite a different ambience and feel much like the vacation at hotels, so it really matters what people you want to travel with, food, hospitality and other experiences.

Best Time To Cruise Caribbean

The best time to sail caribbean is outside the hurricane season, from about November till April the sea is calm, the weather is at its best and also during this time we can expect less canceled itineraries and ports also at this time the weather is sunny often so definitely this is the best time to glide around the caribbean.

Pre book your excursions

Cruise lines offer excursion plans while you are booking for the cruise and also before the stopovers. But booking excursions on your cruise lines can be overpriced, so booking it yourselves to save up that money and spending on some shopping while scooting around can be a bliss.

Make sure you book your excursions from some reputable companies with good prices or you can also use taxis.

Just ensure to manage time so you have plenty of time to get back to the dock because  if you're late , the ship won't be waiting for you at the port!

Ports You Should Avoid visit

Some ports that are avoided by the tourists are the Bahamas, the localities there really are trying to sell you different stuff also the PuntaCana in Dominican Republic, Since there is not much to see, Rather stay on the ship and enjoy a good ship day. Do your research everytime you decide to scoot on different spots.

Currency You Should Keep

Okay so you don’t need to keep all of those different currencies because the majority of the islands accept US dollars but some islands might prefer the Euros than the local or US currencies.

Double check everything is safe and okay, Enjoy!

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