• 24 March 2020

3 Best hotels to stay in Las Vegas

3 Best hotels to stay in Las Vegas

One of the most populated cities for partying and having fun is Las Vegas.if you got all that money and plan for a trip full of entertainment,Las Vegas is exactly that place. It is famed for the resort city,mega casino and world's most luxurious hotels, fine dines,beautiful tourist destinations,shopping and more.

Vegas is a glamorous city with a lot of things to see and do,walk along the strip or enjoy the street performances and of course you can enjoy the delicious food by famous chefs to satisfy your hunger.

Choosing the best hotels that fit your needs is important,check out some extraordinary hotels for your stay in Las Vegas:


Bellagio Las Vegas

A lavish and luxurious 5 star hotel and casino with lush fountains,the fascinating fine arts gallery,romantic walks in the botanical gardens,full service spa,indoor and outdoor pools ,bars and much more.it is located near the airport on the vegas strip.the hotel also provides free wifi service.

The glitz and glamorous air conditioned rooms.The guest rooms also offer elegant furnishings and a wonderful service.



The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The cosmopolitan is a luxury resort casino located in paradise on the strip of vegas.it gives futuristic  feels,the lobby is modernized and looks opulent.the hotel offers free wifi and free valet parking.it also provides a full day spa service and swimming pools.the amazing ambiance and the mesmerizing views the hotel also has balconies for some rooms.

The hotel has a 24hr guest service and there are multiple things you can do while being in this hotel such as ice skating,shopping and nightclubs.

The rooms are fancy and family friendly also offer a mini fridge and mini bar.


the cosmopolitan


The Palazzo

The luxury,classic and most popular hotel in the veterien,Vegas is Palazzo.the hotel offers free wifi,free parking ,a full service spa and air conditioned climate controlled rooms.the Palazzo is connected with 20 restaurants and convention center.

This hotel has 11 pools that are outdoors,poolside bars  and a night club.the hotel has beautiful gardens and pleasing views from the terrace.

The hotel provides air conditioned rooms,with a mini fridge and eco friendly environment.


the palazzo



Keep in mind when you are spending time at these hotels in Vegas might cost you at least $600+ per night so manage accordingly. 

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